Bob the bus is providing a free shuttle for the longbow canoe festival tomorrow 20th July. The bus will be running from Follaton shop every 30 mins from 10am until 5pm calling at the Rothefold, Totnes Station and opposite the Seven Stars. You can also hail and ride on the route. For the timetable click here :

Longboat Festival 20-7-14

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New Bus – Bob number 4

Had a sneak preview of the new bus today….should be delivered next week

See picture here

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Thanks to TotM & DCC

“Bob the Bus” has considered and discussed the ways that DCC could support “Bob the Bus” under the banner of sustainable travel. Bob has concluded that in the short term the best direction to pursue is a funded marketing effort focused on Town Bob (core business) and tied to the goal of increased passengers and a wider passenger demographic.

A representative from Totnes on the move helped to put together a proposal for funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. “Bob the Bus” received £4500 in funding. This is being used to increase patronage on the bus, increasing awareness of the service within the community and attracting a more diverse client group.

The following items have been agreed for funding under LSTF:

Defining the “brand” Bob the Bus – A new Logo has now been developed and used

Locational Signage – New shiny yellow signs are being placed at stops displaying the new Logo

Production of a new timetable leaflet – Pending

Contribution to a “Bob” day – Pending

Promotional flags and banners – Pending

Website design and Implementation – Completed

Many thanks to:

Jane Brady from Totm

Rachel Philips from DCC



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New Bus

In October last year Totnes Community Bus Group (TCBG) applied to the local papers big lottery fund. Thanks to the local community voting for the charity, it was successful in receiving a grant of £30,000 towards a new bus. The new bus will provide a new service serving the village of Stoke Gabriel on a Tuesday. Stoke Gabriel does not have any other bus service direct to Totnes and the parish council approached TCBG requesting the need for another service to this isolated village.The bus was ordered and October last year and is being built and adapted by GM Coachwork. “Bob the Bus” now provides a service on a Tuesday and a Friday. The group now owns 3 buses and is able to look at ways of developing more services to the town and rural community.

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