Exhausted Tramp – £2820 raised

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The Bob team held a roadshow at the Mansion in Totnes on 14th March to share news of the new routes and services that will be launched at the end of April. We received some very positive and encouraging responses from current passengers and members of the public. The charity used this opportunity to use the new marketing and promotional material produced by DCC transport coordination team and funded by the local sustainable transport grant. In the afternoon the committee members, trustees ad volunteer drivers  celebrated Graham Walkers fundraising ‘Tramp about Town’. Graham has raised £2820 during his 2 weeks of tramping with his home made Mini Bob. The charity would look to thank everyone who took the time to support Graham and donate online and direct into Mini Bob.

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Sadly during the two week fundraiser, the new bus suffered criminal damage whilst it was parked at a garage on the industrial estate. A section of the exhaust was cut off and stolen and £2500 worth of damage caused to the exhaust system. On hearing this news Graham was determined to raise more money for the charity and his returned to the streets to Tramp for another week and raise another £1000

The online fundraising page remains live until the end of March HERE

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