Bob the Bus is run by Totnes and Rural Community Transport. TARCT is a charity incorporated organisation run by a group of volunteers, including committee / trustees and a full-time paid coordinator.

There are lots of ways you can become involved:

  • Become a trustee / committee member
  • Become a fundraiser
  • Become a volunteer driver

Some links to information about becoming a trustee / volunteer:



Bob the Bus is driven by a team of 40 drivers. There are 25 4 hour shifts to fill each week. Drivers tend to drive one shift a week, fortnight or month. Some drivers choose to be relief and cover any shift required. The team are reliable and committed and the service simply would not work without them.

To become a volunteer driver you need to have a D1 Category on your license and ideally have had experience driving a minibus or large vehicle. Drivers are assessed by a qualified D1 assessor and undergo an Induction and training programme

Why become a Bob driver?

As a woman driver it always seemed that we were in the minority, and I needed to be one of the boys! I have loved giving something back to the Community, and hope that by providing the service it will be there for me and others to use in the future

‘I love driving Bob ! You get to meet loads of interesting people and hear all the local gossip. I feel privileged to be part of providing such a vital community service’

‘Passengers are very grateful of the service we provide, which makes you feel like your role as a volunteer driver is highly valued. There is a real social atmosphere on the bus’


For further information please contact the Coordinator on 07800 745332 or e mail bobthebushire@yahoo.com