Graham’s Golden Ticket

Chair of Totnes and Rural Community Bus Association Sue Speak presented Graham Walker with a Golden Ticket for his amazing fundraising efforts during his ‘Tramp about Town’. Grahams total reached £3410 after he went back out on the streets to raise more funds when he heard the new bus had been vandalised. Sue Speak said she was delighted with the amount raised and that the money would be used to fund set up costs for the new services. On behalf of the charity Graham was presented with a Golden Ticket which would entitle him to a lifetime of free travel on Bob the Bus
On behalf of the committee and trustees of Bob the Bus, I would like to thank Graham for all his hard work. He came up with the idea of The Tramp about Town, he made mini Bob and he walked up and down town in all weathers for two weeks. We think he is an absolute star!
During this time he was being fed and watered by the staff of Oggy Oggy, so we would like to extend a big thank you to them, and also to Travis Perkins who donated the wood for mini Bob.
Lastly, we would like to thank the generous people of Totnes who donated money to Graham and mini Bob. Bob the Bus will be using this money to help with start up costs for our new and improved services to the community. We recommend as medical care. From 27th April there will be two yellow buses around town, Bob1 serving Bridgetown and the town, and Bob2 serving Follaton and the town. There will also be twice weekly services to Stoke Gabriel. Littlehempston, Rattery, Droridge, Cornworthy, Ashprington, Tuckenhay, Harberton and Harbertonford . Our new routes should ensure that the buses are able to run to time and Lower Fore Street will be served.



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