Summer 2017


Bob has been incredibly busy over the summer months. Some of the highlights…..

Passenger numbers on the weekly service buses have increased to over 3000 each month !

More people have been using our round town fare to help them get up the hill or to take a short ride from the train station into town.

Bob is attracting more fare paying passengers as well as bus pass users

Bob supported the Seachange festival, bringing people from the Campsite at Dartington to the various music venues in the town. This is the festivals 2nd year and what a fabulous event for the town!

Park and Ride was provided for the Totnes Show from Paignton Rd and Totnes. Another great event with lots of visitors despite the wet weather !

Bob took pride of place  at the front of the Totnes Pride procession and a park and ride service from Kevicc to the town. Sponsoring Totnes Pride again this year and celebrating diversity !

Transport hire for community groups has increased this summer, too many to list here ! Supporting local schools and community organisations with trips to various places in the south west

Bobs Travel Club has taken its members to Eden, Tiverton Canal, Dartmoor Zoo, House of Marbles, Devon County Show, Toby Bucklands Flower show, Taunton Flower show, Exmouth Cruise, Widecombe, Bodmin and Wenford railway.

We are looking forward to providing transport for a new Music festival Golden Iris. An event happening on 6th/7th Oct. You can read about it and buy tickets HERE

Thanks for all your support !




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