Thanks to TotM & DCC

“Bob the Bus” has considered and discussed the ways that DCC could support “Bob the Bus” under the banner of sustainable travel. Bob has concluded that in the short term the best direction to pursue is a funded marketing effort focused on Town Bob (core business) and tied to the goal of increased passengers and a wider passenger demographic.

A representative from Totnes on the move helped to put together a proposal for funding from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. “Bob the Bus” received £4500 in funding. This is being used to increase patronage on the bus, increasing awareness of the service within the community and attracting a more diverse client group.

The following items have been agreed for funding under LSTF:

Defining the “brand” Bob the Bus – A new Logo has now been developed and used

Locational Signage – New shiny yellow signs are being placed at stops displaying the new Logo

Production of a new timetable leaflet – Pending

Contribution to a “Bob” day – Pending

Promotional flags and banners – Pending

Website design and Implementation – Completed

Many thanks to:

Jane Brady from Totm

Rachel Philips from DCC



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