Tinsel and Turkey Weekend

Christmas is coming ! TFYC are launching their first Weekend Breaks away with a ‘Tinsel & Turkey’ – a long weekend away with passengers from across the County.

It is taking place from Friday 5th-Monday 8th December 2014 at The Rainbow International Hotel in Torquay.  This first weekend will be a ‘value break’ not a luxury break so if people are looking for 5 stars this won’t be for them.

TYFC have both visited the hotel and talked to the staff and had a good look round and although it is very traditional, everyone is friendly, the food offered is good, there is an indoor swimming pool and they primarily cater for coach holidays for the older generation.  We have also spoken to a leader of a group from London for her opinion, who comes to The Rainbow every year and she would recommend it to anyone.

 It is only a very short walk from the seafront but there is also a lovely little train that stops across the road from the Hotel that will take guests into the Town Centre.

Full Christmas meals with all the trimmings are provided, Christmas music by the Salvation Army band, and we will also offer an optional Saturday afternoon excursion (this will cost a little extra per person).

Tinsel & Turkey poster_BobtheBus

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