The Bob Fleet


All our Bob buses are Mercedes Benz vehicles. The charity chose Mercedes Benz because they are reliable, well built vehicles and have a great reputation. The model used is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. The vehicles are converted into a 15/16 seater bus by a coach builder. We have used 2 different conversion specialists over the lifetime of Bob. GM Coachworks and EVM Direct

From 2002 – 2015 GM Coachwork had converted 4 Mercedes Sprinter Vans into 15/16 seater minibuses. They all have a driver operated electric door and low level step as well as a luggage compartment at the front of the vehicle. Both our back up/Hire buses are GM Coachwork built vehicles

From 2015 we have used a new supplier EVM Direct who build a low floor 16 seater conversion with double electric doors. This vehicle is accessible for all due to its wide entrance and low floor. Its large saloon area is designed to carry one person using a wheelchair.

Eco Friendly

3 of our Bobs are BlueTec Models. They are Euro 6 compliant. These are the most advanced diesel engines, with ultra-low emissions, high fuel economy and responsive performance.  You can read about Mercedes Benz BlueTec HERE and you can read more about Adblue HERE

The Fleet

Two 2016  extra long, low-floor Mercedes Sprinter Bluetec (auto) 16 passenger seats, 1 wheelchair – used on service.


2014 Mercedes Sprinter 516cdi BlueTec (auto) 15 seats – used as back up and available for hire.


Middle Bus – 2009 Mercedes Sprinter 415cdi (manual) 16 passenger seat – used as back up and available for hire.